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The 2010 – 2019 years saw some incredible wins and incredible losses. Millions, from throughout America and around the world, rejoiced when President Trump defeated the favourite, Hillary Clinton. Millions more cried, screamed and raged tears of unfettered agony to learn that their beloved Hillary had lost the unlosable election.

Countries everywhere welcomed Gay marriage and no one really minded – it was seen as a fair thing to do…. Yet since then, we have witnessed an alarming increase in gender dysphoria and transgender rights that have left many of the gay community gobsmacked and aghast. Previously private parts of human relationships are now being promoted and displayed by many from the Main Stream media.

At Christmas, 2019 , Teen Vogue featured an article about anal sex, targeting their 13 – 18 year old female audience.

Immigration or, as some call it “ invasion “ from the Middle East and Africa where cultural identities of Nations have been eroded and quickly changed irrevocably; increased hatred of Jews and Christians and the tolerance of Islam has reached fever heights.

Advertisements on television promote interracial relationships and white males, being castigated and insulted for their gender and their race is commonplace.

Hate-filled feminazi’s have replaced strong-willed feminists who, instead of equality, demand superiority and the destruction of any poor bloke with a white skin and a job.

Public Broadcasters are promoting and encouraging socialism and manipulating history to reflect their view of the utopian socialist future they wish to impose upon us all.


Babies are now legally “ terminated “ up until birth, and in some locations, allowed to be terminated even after they have filled their little lungs with their first breath of air. Their little bodies sold to the highest bidder for spare parts, women’s vanity and Lord knows what other horrific and evil soup the market decides it is going to sell.

Female children are mutilated and then covered from head to toe , deprived of the joy of feeling the sun on their skin and feeling the breeze against their little arms and legs for fear that it may stir some man’s lust and cause him to rape or violate her body.

Weather is now called a Climate Emergency and has robbed our youngsters of the hope of a future: now they are visiting child psychologists in increasing numbers as they battle depression and fear of dying before they reach adulthood.

A decade of horror, misinformation, Orwellian distortion and the attempted destruction of everything our Nations have stood for and been for hundreds of years – wiped out in under one decade.

Our education system is in decay, our children cannot write, hold a pen correctly, use punctuation, spelling or correct grammar anymore; our children have preachers, not teachers, our newspapers and television stations distort, not report and our families are being torn apart by political division and moral differences of opinion.

People from the traditional or Conservative point of view watch their words and behaviour when in public or private gatherings and risk being disowned should they voice their opinion when with more “ woke” friends or fellow citizens.

Tantrums from children and adults who act like children have become more violent, more intense and more dangerous.

Those of us who are not part of their crowd must share our views quietly and in measured tones for fear of being closed down, arrested or shunned like modern day metaphorical lepers.


Movies these days are no longer entertainment – they have to have a message. Jokes must be politically correct and therefore are not funny anymore.

This was the decade we lost our sense of humour, our sense of self and our ability to know the difference between right and wrong, as opposed to right or left.

This was the decade when the inmates took over the asylum and are self medicating with synthentic drugs, hatred and a zealous of hitherto unknown levels – not seen before – or certainly since the dark days of the Witch hunts or the Spanish Inquisition.

Pedophilia is widespread; child trafficking is unprecedented and the neglect of our elderly, young and our animals is beyond my comprehension.

When the President Trump meme came out some time ago “ They are not coming for me. They are coming for you. I am just in their way “ ' the words should be shouted from every conservative and decent human being on this great planet.

Because that is the decade that was and his Presidency was, literally, standing in the way of our complete defeat.

And they managed to lie and cheat to overthrow him in 2020.

Somehow, I feel that the rest of 2022 is pivotal.

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 assault on our liberty, we are now facing food shortages. Fuel shortages. War. The complete overthrow of our old conservative ways of life.

Financial and Moral bankruptcy. The entire overthrow of everything we have worked so hard for over the past century and a half.

We are seeing increasing deaths of previously fit and healthy people in the prime of their life. Children with heart conditions. Declining fertility and an almost frenzied fight to force the rest of us to have the jab that has caused so much controversy.

People being arrested for hate crimes and in too many cases - without charge.

The clock is at 30 seconds to midnight and something has to be done and done QUICKLY.

Or what little freedom we have left will be gone for the rest of our life time at the very least.

What is the answer?

It's time to ditch the grey and get back to black and white. 
It is Good v Evil time.... 






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