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What is wrong with us? Why are we putting up with this rubbish?

If I see one more bloody rainbow I think I will have to book myself into a home for the terribly terribly pissed off... if such a place exists.

In the olden days, yes, kiddies, there was a time when we used to refer to the past as old days or olden days; I seem to have this idea that a rainbow was a covenant with God.

Nothing to do with poofters prancing or dickheads dancing. 

It was a simple message from God that he was looking after us and all those on our wonderful planet called Earth.

I always felt that a rainbow was God letting us know that he had rid us of all the bad guys, saved all the goodies ( though quite why he saved cockroaches puzzles me )  and we could just muck on and carry on. 

After Noah  launched his boat and the Manx cats were late to the party and had their tails chopped off ( had to sneak that in ) apparently, God said 

" Alright. Everyone, out of the pool " 

and we all settled down, had a good dinner and decided that Earth was a pretty good place.

Once, of course, it stopped raining.

God is a bit sneaky like that. He has this amazing ability to be in the background and always be on top of things. 

He has a tendency to send us plagues of locusts, frogs, and even tells us about places like Sodom and Gomorrah. Nasty places. There is NO WAY that I would want to visit them. 

So I keep asking myself " Why? "

Why is God being so tolerant at the moment?

Why did he allow HIS RAINBOW to be stolen?


How could he let his message to us be so treated with such contempt for Him?


And then I realised.

 He is showing us that every time a monument is taken down; every time a law is changed; every time a meme is created using the rainbow - he is showing us that evil is on this earth and HIS covenant with us has BEEN BROKEN.

I'd hate to be God at the moment.

Heavens ... you think that being the President or Prime Minister is tough? 

Try being God.

I simply cannot imagine how He must feel at the moment. Seeing his rainbow so sullied? 

I suspect God is not well pleased.

If we end up with no electricity, it is our fault.

If we end up with no fuel for our cars. it is our fault.

If we end up starving, it is our fault.

God gave us everything. 

Some people took His rainbow.

No wonder He is shaking his head in frustration. 

Don't mess with God. Because when we mess with God, HELL is unleashed. 


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